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Author David L. Mitchell. “Doomsday. “How Pandemics, Greed, Hate and Evil Will Ruin Huma

Great interview with Author David L. Mitchell on the pandemic, the world running out of time, self-improvement hacks, life, being an author and more. Check it out  here



“How Pandemics, Greed, Hate and Evil Will Ruin Human Society As We Know It”

We All have Suffered in Some Way from the Pandemic of Covid 19 and Unfortunately Other Covid Viruses are Possibly on the Rise, Very Scary.

Coupling that With the Social Virus of Racism in Law Enforcement and Throughout the World it Makes things Even Worse.

Lastly but not Least, More Extreme Weather Conditions are Going to happen Due to Global Warming In which will Lead To Food and Water Shortages throughout the Entire Globe.

Frightening However There is Some Hope Out there and this Powerful Publication “Doomsdays” Gives Some Practical And Well Researched Information on Concerning Conditions and how to Cope With them With Success.

“Doomsdays” ( Book) is Very Concise Yet Packed with a Wealth of Beneficial Information for All .

It Also has Pictures inside to Accompany the Chapters in an Engaging And Enjoyable Way.

“Doomsdays” By David L Mitchell

Now Available through in Paperback and E-book ( Kindle) Editions.

Author Bio : David L Mitchell is a Author and Illustrator of Four Children’s Picture Books.

He has Also Written Numerous Articles and Editorials about Social and Political Commentary that has Appeared in Several Newspapers Throughout the Nation USA.

He is Also a Weather Watcher Member of CBS news in Philadelphia, PA.

Mitchell Loves to Travel and he is Also Involved in his Community Helping Children and Volunteering .

Mitchell Hopes his Talents and Concern as A Citizen can make a Positive Impact on Society for the Better.

Terrance Hutchinson

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