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Author Theresa Airy, Resilient Butterfly. This Episode Is Sponsored By Author Marylin Valez Four Tal

Resilient Butterfly is a former foster youth. She was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Resilient Butterfly has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is smart, funny, talented, a go getter, God fearing, and optimistic.

Resilient Butterfly spoke to two different audiences about her experience in the foster care system. Resilient Butterfly was a participant in a mentoring program. Resilient Butterfly volunteered for many events that specifically helped the homeless population and she helped an organization that helps to better the foster care system.

Resilient Butterfly recently got her AA in Liberal Arts and Social & Behavioral Science and is currently pursuing her career in nursing. Additionally, she is working on another book, trying to become a fashion model, and planning to launch an online clothing store. Resilient Butterfly hopes to inspire other women to chase after their dreams regardless of the

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