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Candace and Shikha, hence, C+S. Luxury Brand. This Episode Is Sponsored By True 2 Plus Si

Great shown with the owners Candace and Shikha of   C+S. Lu, xury Brand.   on their CBD products, being an business owner in a pandemic, meditation, stretching, fitness, nutrition, all their products, COVID-19 , friendship, business, family life, yoga, and more!

Hello there!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read our story. Each one of us have a story to tell and each of our stories are unique, right? It’s an honor to be able to share our story.

Well, lets see.. where do we start?

Our names are: Candace and Shikha, hence,  C+S.  We are both creative entrepreneurs and we met at a wedding planning school in 2013. Yup! Everyone asks us the same question…a wedding planning school? It must be fate. We got along very well and our nature was very similar, our backgrounds were similar, turned out, we were both Virgos and into creative planning. Anyhoo, long story short, we became really good friends.

What do we have in common? Many many things, almost everything :..)…one thing we both love to do is workout and plan things.  Matter of fact, Shikha owns a dance/ yoga/fitness studio and Candace owns an event planning studio, both based in Los Angeles.

During COVID-19 both of our businesses got shut down, lost numerous jobs and clients. Nevertheless, we stayed positive. Thanks to all the fitness regimen, yoga, meditation and practice of gratitude, we supported each other throughout the tough times via text messages. One day, we decided to catch up and workout.

During that workout session, we ended up having a  profound chat where we both  discovered that we both adore the idea of giving and creating gifts. We both had a vision of creating thoughtful gifts. It was a no- brainer. Who doesn’t love gifts? Giving and receiving gifts is a language of love. It is a form of expression. A gift can light up someone’s face and brighten the day.

Have you ever received gifts that made no sense? Like someone just picked it from the closest mart because it was available or cheap. How did that make you feel? Or when you received gifts that was curated to you like someone knew exactly what you wanted.. how did that make you feel?  Giving gifts is not only about the person who is receiving it; it is also about the emotions of the person who is giving it. Giving gifts is a form of gratitude, a gesture of love, a feeling of  joy, a sense of healing and a grace from the divine.

We had to do it. We decided to create soulful luxury gift sets, hand picking and creating items that we both love. When we started sharing the products each one of us use and loved, we said.. “we could actually put it together and share it to others.”

In that moment, C+S Luxury gifts was born.  It felt perfect! Our hearts knew that it felt right. We decided to call it “ luxury gifts” because we all deserve to feel luxurious, each and every single one of us.. why? Because luxury doesn’t mean just big mansions and fancy cars.. to us, luxury means the feeling of being loved, an open heart, self- love, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, sharing the simplicity and comfort of life, to experience living in abundance because this universe has so much to offer.

Each products that we selected in C+S has been made with love and has good vibration. It is charged with love and gratitude. When you purchase these gifts, we are amplifying a circle of good energy. You are supporting a family and women with dreams and desires to serve millions around the world.

So, we would like to say “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts, for giving and receiving this luxurious gifts of love, for sharing beautiful energy and for supporting our livelihood. We are truly grateful.


Candace & Shikha

Terrance Hutchinson

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