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Coach Al, Author, Sports Psychologist ,Elite Athletic Trainer. This Episode Is Sponsored By Twisted

He was born with obesity and ADHD, has a brother who has Autism, was living in a dysfunctional family, struggled to learn, and fit into society. At 15 years old, he found a mentor called Zovek. He learned self-hypnosis from him, and this has changed his life, ever since.

Coach Al started doing track and field, as a result, he got in shape, and after suffering an injury in track and field, he started learning gymnastics. He studied Engineering, but his heart and soul was in learning more about the mind, so he began studying Sports Psychology. Today he continues couching at an elite level and works with professional athlete’s mindset.

He wrote several books, “The Mentality of the Competitive Athlete”, “Personality or Identity”, “New Theory of the Mind”, and “Quantum Books”; which are the best tools for changing the sub-conscious mind. He has also created several training systems like “Mental Blocks”, “ASD Alternative”, “ADHD Alternative”, and “Better Coaches Now with NLP” which is a training system that he made in conjunction with Dr. Steve G. Jones. He has interviewed Dr. Symeon Rodgers for “Solid Rock Health Chi Gong”, Dr. Joe Rubino for “Self-Esteem

Elevation For Children”, Dr. William Horton for “APEX Addiction Recovery Program”, Dr. Steve G. Jones for “Hypnosis For Peak Performance”, Croix Sather who’s an ultra-marathon runner for “Life by design”, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas for “The Energy of the Field”, Eileen Forte for “Paleo Simplified” and many more…

His philosophy is:

“The sky is not the limit; the limit is your Mindset”

“Every human being deserves greater opportunities in their life and the opportunity to live happily”

His goal is:

To awaken people’s talents and help people enjoy a life full of satisfaction.

He represents hope for those people who are willing to work hard for bettering their life and that seek to awaken the Power of their Mind; this is Coach Al.

Hosted by Terrance Hutchinson

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