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Dr. Dawn C . Reid. Owner Of Reid Ready Life Coaching. This Episode Is Sponsored By Reid Ready Life C

I help coaching professionals fix what they believe is f#%ked-up in their lives or businesses to create work-life harmony and THRIVE!

Like many coaches who are moms, wives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I know the challenge of finding work-life-self harmony, while successfully building your coaching business. I remember struggling to build my practice, find clients, and implement effective processes because I only had 24 hours in a day. But it felt like I needed 100 hours! It was frustrating. I experienced impostor syndrome after I earned my PhD and I felt guilty as a mom and wife when I wanted to focus on my professional goals. It took a lot of trial and error, costly mistakes and just f#%king things up. But during my growth and development, I found many profound truths and tools that helped me get my “SHYT” (Success. Happiness. Yourself. Talent.) together. Now, I share my amazing SHYT with other coaches like you!

Through mindfulness approaches and solution-focused coaching and coach training, I help other coaches integrate their personal and professional lives, manage time, implement self-care, get unstuck and discover their authentic selves, while managing their businesses. I help coaching professional fix what they believe is f#%ked-up so they can THRIVE!

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