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Erica Petersohn, Owner Of Dharma’s Love

Erica Petersohn was born in Brooklyn but was raised in Bayshore, Long Island, New York for the beginning part of her life. Working in the pharmaceutical industry for the better part of 26 years, Erica has moved many times and lived in many different states, but always felt there was more to her life, no matter where she was living at the time. Growing up she would often see shadows or have feelings to certain people or objects but could never exactly explain why she was feeling or seeing things differently than others. Now she resides in a town in the surrounding area of Raleigh North Carolina called Fuquay Varina with her family where she actively practices and studies in the metaphysical realm.

In Merriam-Webster, Hinduism Dharma is defined as an individual’s duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law. Erica not only feels she has found her duty but moreover she does this with Divine Healing, Angelic readings, Reiki, Mediumship, and Spiritual services – always with Love and Light.

Although Erica has always felt that she was different, it wasn’t until she had a major surgery that she realized she had a more important calling in healing. After recovering from her surgery, Erica began to feel that her ability to feel her “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance) began to “go into overdrive” causing her to do more research and found that she was not alone. Quickly discovering a local network of others with similar abilities, she learned that she has had many past lives as a healer, and works as a medium, explaining why she has felt differently throughout most of her life.

Erica worked with various friends and then discovered there was a need outside of her group so she created her business in order to help others through services mediumship, reiki, crystal work, cord-cutting, quantum clearings, tarot readings and angelic oracle readings. Erica has many certifications including Reiki Master, Archangelic Light Master, Angelic realm, Crystals therapy, Mediumship 1 & 2 under internationally known Medium, James Van Praagh. Erica has been continuing her education and is getting her degree in Metaphysics and is also working toward becoming a Trance Medium under the guidance of Lisa Bovard and internationally known Medium, Tony Stockwell. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn more and grow to help others. Erica says she is “blessed to be able to help others” also saying that “it just feels really amazing to understand my purpose and finally being able to explain the ways I’ve felt throughout my life.” Erica says that she does not have a “favorite” modality and provides clients with the services that spirits give her guidance to do. Erica came to the name Dharma’s Love one day during her reiki class and has been growing her business every day since.

Through her business, Erica is happy to provide these services helping others through good and difficult times and answer questions that they may be facing – all with Love and Light

Terrance Hutchinson

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