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Igor Klibanov ,Author, Speaker, Personal Trainer And Blogger. This Episode Is Sponsored By Gummie Ly

Igor Klibanov is an author, speaker, personal trainer and blogger based in Toronto, Canada.

Even though he started out as a personal trainer, Igor gradually developed an interest and passion for nutrition and supplementation. It didn’t take long until he was diving headfirst into researching the most effective ways for people to look and feel great through diet and exercise.

Throughout his career as a health expert, Igor has specialized in different fields within fitness, nutrition, and exercise. His research includes type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and menopause, to mention but a few.

Igor has already authored seven books that explore the many facets of exercise and nutrition. Apart from his books, Igor also runs the popular blog Fitness Solutions Plus, named after his company. The blog features an extensive array of informative articles. Currently, the blog has almost 500 in-depth and useful articles, and Igor is regularly keeping it updated.

On top of this, Igor is also an in-demand speaker, and to this date, has spoken at over four hundred events. These include speaking engagements with major companies such as American Express, IBM, Bosch, RBC, Ontario Medical Association, and many others.


Igor Klibanov is the author of 7 books on exercise and nutrition for various different conditions, including anxiety, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others.

Using his no-nonsense, science-based approach, he busts a lot of myths about exercise and nutrition, and through both his books, blog, and one-on-one work with clients, he has helped loads of people turn around dangerous chronic conditions.

Igor’s passion is making health accessible – he educates, but also, entertains, and gives immediately-actionable tips that can be used by anyone.

To find out more about Igor and his cutting-edge work, check out his blog Fitness Solutions Plus at the link below!

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