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Jason O. Bradley, Author. His Hands and Mom’s Voice.

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Author Jason O. Bradley recently released His Hands, the second installment of his heartwarming picture book series about the roles that men and women play in the lives of children. Bradley hopes that his work will promote healthy families and show children how their role models can be a source of guidance, comfort, and love.

His Hands is about the most important man in a child’s world, whether that’s their father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, or coach. Mom’s Voice shows appreciation to mothers everywhere and encourages children to think about the amazing women around them. Intended for kids who are learning to read, Bradley’s series shows children that they’re surrounded by love in so many ways.

Although Bradley’s picture books are intended for children ages 3–10 years, readers of any age will be able to connect with the wholesome messages in His Hands and Mom’s Voice. Bradley emphasizes that children will always find comfort in their mother’s voice, but that doesn’t mean that father figures aren’t important. His Hands stresses that fathers are just as important as mothers in childrearing and creating a loving family.

While writing, Bradley drew upon his own experiences as a parent and a son. After investing himself heavily in the day-to-day routines of his children and watching their interactions with his wife, Bradley was inspired to write about the nuances of raising children. Instead of penning an adult book, he opted to create a series for the youngest readers that can be shared at bedtime.

His Hands and Mom’s Voice are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Jason O. Bradley is an author, husband, and father of three with a passion for uplifting others. He can be found on Instagram at @bradleyspartyof5. When he isn’t working on his next book, he enjoys spending time with his family and working as a real estate broker. Bradley lives and writes in Pine Bluff, AR.

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