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LeAnn Smith, CPT, HC, NC. Chief Vibrancy Officer Vibrant Life Source, LLC. This Episode Is Sponsored

LeAnn Smith, CPT, HC, NC.   Chief Vibrancy Officer Vibrant Life Source, LLC. 

LeAnn works with clients that are ‘stuck’ in their wellness journey either by injury, illness, disease or otherwise. Her approach is to meet you where you are, partner together to create a customized plan to support your goals and lifestyle. Her motto is, ‘welcome home, your vibrant self awaits.”

She provides a full spectrum approach of wellness modalities such as Personal Training, Yoga Instruction, Health and Nutrition Coaching. LeAnn believes in combining the various elements of healthful living into a unique program for every individual. This includes balanced nutrition, moving in the best way possible, and coaching to integrate these patterns.

LeAnn also offers Corporate Wellness solutions for organizations of  all sizes. With over fourteen years of corporate Human Resources experience, she brings a wealth of corporate, organizational knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to provide customized and engaging health and wellness solutions.

LeAnn Smith

t: 425.417.3273



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