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Emerald M. Bio Just like the precious gemstone, singer songwriter Emerald M. is making the kind of music that exudes rich radiant tones and a mesmerizing brilliance that captivates the listener with her inner spirit. A multi-instrumentalist who is an accomplished pianist, drummer, and guitarist, she has burst onto the scene with her debut track Never Mine and is showing no sign of stopping any time soon. Born in far off Myanmar, the 19-year-old now calls London her home and has spent her formative years applying herself in the studio to make songs that are dynamic and sit at the very crest of the wave of strong and independent women leading the charge to new horizons. That broad landscape of possibilities was fuelled by the isolation and quiet of the pandemic and the need to fill her world with the noise and color of her own making. A veteran of many bands and projects that were a product of her education, she followed the example of her brother and began creating tracks that spoke to her as a young woman finding her way. Collaborating with award-winning songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist William D. Lucey who has worked with major artists and is a professor in the songwriting department at the Berklee College of Music, the hard work is paying off. Refusing to be typecast in one specific genre, there is an element of that Pop Punk and Indie influence sitting underneath her work. Sounding like a modern-day Avril Lavigne but with her own unique undertones, her first single showcases her incredible talent in a blaze of extraordinary textures. Those textures are unquestionably influenced by her elder brother who also works in the recording industry as part of a Pop Punk outfit. That familial connection to music courses like an unstoppable force through her veins. It reaches into her soul and just like her name, manifests itself as a treasure that cannot be ignored. As the years roll out before her, she has so many songs ready to see the light of day, and once discovered, the world will understand how bright her star will shine. Emerald M. is changing hearts and minds. Cherish her sound like the priceless jewel she is and become part of her dream.

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