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Michael Davincii, Host Of The D. A.M.N. Podcast aka the Don’t Ask Me Nothin Podcast.

My name is Michael Alexander but go by Michael Davincii. I’m from Pennsylvania but I’ve lived in New York since 2014 on and off. I’m Trinidadian American 29, and I’m a Gay Podcaster. I went to college at Berkeley where I studied International Business. Once I left college I ended up landing a job working for a interior design company called Bo-Concept literally scraping pennies I got into reselling exclusive sneakers such as Yeezy’,s, exclusive Jordan’s and rare collaborative footwear. Hanging out in soho and hanging around Upper echelon creatives where I found that I had a love for creativity. I ended up being a stylist assistant for Sincere with pulling for artist such as Meek Mill, Rich the Kid, and Jay Critch. In my free time I would listen to podcasts such as Joe Buddens podcast, Call her Daddy podcast, and Sofia with a F podcast. I loved the problematic, anti conservativeness, debative conversations they would have. Before I was listening to podcasts I was really inspired by Anderson Cooper and Don Lenon from CNN. But it wasn’t until the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic where I picked up a. Mic and decided I wanted to be heard. This is where I felt most sexually liberated and free due to the the lockdown I did a lot of soul searching but didn’t know how to talk with it compromising any work that I wanted to do. After a bunch of failed attempts with trying to do the podcast I decided to go solo and call it the D. A.M.N. Podcast aka the Don’t Ask Me Nothin Podcast. In the podcast I talk about gay liberation, dating while black, dating outside your race, std and sti prevention, sex positively, being an upscale escort, endless party life with sex drugs and alcohol and things that had happened to me while living in New York City. I made a polecats to bring awareness as well as fill in the gap between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

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