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Natasha Jordan founder of “HealthCare With A Purpose” under the Natasha Jordan Enterprise LLC. This

Natasha has spent her entire life working in the health, community and human service industry to make a difference for those most in need.

Born to a mother who suffered from mental illness and raised from age twelve in foster care, Natasha intrinsically understands the role of the caregiver in the lives of those who are most vulnerable.

Natasha was rightly influenced by her foster mother who never ceased to help others; and as a teenager, began her journey into helping others; sharpening her skills through her of her first few jobs: which were working in hospital settings as a patient care tech, unit secretary; in home care agencies as a home health aide and as direct care staff in group homes; all of which she enjoyed.

After earning her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Community and Human Service Management, she chose the career path that matched with the footsteps of her foster mother and help others just as she had helped her.

Through her work in hospital facilities, group homes, assisted living facilities, healthcare agencies and other social service organizations, she’s been fortunate enough to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals that have crossed her path.

After twenty-five years of helping disadvantaged groups and working for progression in the Health, Community and Human Service industry, Natasha is putting those years of experience to work by providing highly comprehensive business start-up services, training solutions, and quality assurance consultations.

Natasha founded “HealthCare With A Purpose”  under the Natasha Jordan Enterprise LLC umbrella to help current and future Health, Community and Human Service providers and businesses; to develop, launch, and create sustainable and successful business that helps others.

Starting a facility can be a high barrier to entry for many; through her guidance, Natasha helps teams organize, mobilize, and establish themselves within the industry. She also consults with facilities and programs on best practices, growth strategies, and increasing operational efficiency.

Through her company, she provides business development assistance, consultative strategy, and professional mentorship to startups, ventures, and small businesses in the Health, Community and Human Services Field. It is Natasha’s personal commitment to make sure persons in need of residential and home care services can stay in their communities and amongst their support networks.

Specializing in early-stage care business formation, Natasha gives clarity and direction to businesses in the process of meeting regulatory requirements and obtaining certifications. Natasha works with entities on the local, state and federal levels to ensure a smooth registration process for prospective organizations.

Learn more about how Natasha can help your business reach new heights.

“The Gift of Giving Starts with Us”

Natasha Jordan

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