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Reverend Detra L. Mason, Public Speaker Of Empowerment, Teacher, Writer. This Episode Is Sponsored B

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Podcast name – 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers

Rev. Dee Bio – Reverend Detra L. Mason is affectionately known as Rev. Dee by most of the people in her life. Rev. Dee is living her life’s purpose and is the founder of the life coaching Business “2020 Radical Goal Diggers”. She is an ordained minister and a certified life coach. Her passion is helping and coaching others to be all that God would have them to be. Her slogan is “A better you, makes a better world”.

She graduated from New YorkTheological Seminary and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. Rev. Dee has been a Pastor and teacher of Christian education and a Certified International Chaplin. She has been married for 32 years and is a proud mother. She loves relationship coaching and helping others build a powerful relationship with God. In addition to coaching, she ministers to those in prison and lives her life giving hope to the hopeless. She is a public speaker of empowerment, teacher, writer, and produces her own podcast “Rev. Dee 20/20 Radical Goal Diggers”. Her service is to help others to have a 20/20 vision for their future and within themselves.

Executive Producer: Terrance Hutchinson

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