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Russell Leedy, Singer, Songwriter And Producer

Great interview with Russell Leedy on legacy, music, lifestyle, family, business, COVID-19, survival, and many many more topic! 


Russell Leedy is a singer, songwriter and producer crafting songs in many genres of music including rock, soul, jazz, gospel and country. His first recordings were in California. He was produced by Canyon Crest Records and released 4 songs under their direction. Russell then traveled and lived in Miami, Florida for over 10 years. He formed a band and performed in many local Miami clubs  Russell returned to Pennsylvania  and continued to play music.  He has spent many years playing clubs and entertainment venues in the Pennsylvania area. Kings of Carlisle known as K O C, was formed with the  late guitarist, Keith and Russell in 2018. The pair were best friends and Keith played  guitar on many of the songs. They published and released three songs on all music platforms and had hoped to produce the new album together. Russell will continue the dream for both and the album will be released in 2021.  The K O C brand has a very  unique sound , that has attracted a large following around the world.  Every song has been written and produced by Russell Leedy, is uniquely diverse and is a sample of our journey and experiences through life. This new project ” Waiting on You” is a life long dream that he will be sharing with the world.

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