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WILLIAM BENSON IS AN AMERICAN BORN BUSINESSMAN. Owner Of Billionaire Row Champagne. This Episode Is


His titles include entrepreneur, investor, businessman, lifestylist and philanthropist.

William Benson is the founder and owner of Benson & Benson: a NY Property Investment Group. The privately held, multi-national Consulting firm & Real Estate Investment Group specializes in developing and actualizing Real Estate investment strategies.

William Benson is the Founder and CEO of “Billionaires Row” a global luxury brand which designs, develops, and markets luxury goods for the modern trendsetting and affluent customer.

Billionaires Row holds multiple, worldwide trademarks. Billionaires Row specializes in new global marketing strategies with unique branding and revenue generating streams including charitable giving.

Billionaires Row has successfully released to market their new vintage Champagne “Cuvee Billionaires Row” Brut Rose Grand Cru dubbed the “The Pink Diamond” of Champagnes.

Billionaires Row Brandy has been released and the beverages are in multiple International Markets globally.

Mr. Benson

is the only American to be accepted by the The French Comite’ Champagne (CIVC) and Announced the First Ever Governmental Approval For American Ownership and Branding of French Champage:


Recently Mr. Benson served as Senior Manager at Tyche Capital Fund, a private asset management firm with over 2 Billion under management. At Tyche Capital he is responsible for capital raising, Client relationship and transactions management. Tyche Capital specializes in negotiating, structuring and executing complex business transactions. Tyche Capital also utilizes the Goldman Sachs “redi plus“ platform exclusively to execute proprietary transactions and generate revenues for Clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, start –up media and emerging technology firms. He offers hands-on assistance in all phases of business expansion, including marketing, financing and management. His knowledge and experience helped potential investors quickly assess the financial viability of a company. Benson specializes in negotiating and structuring complex business transactions. Mr. Benson leverages his extensive network of media and technology industry relationships to help clients gain visibility, build strategic alliances, and successfully bring their products to market.

Mr. Benson sits on the board of Unspoken Smile a (NGO) 501-c3 Non- Governmental organization registered under the state department with office in NYC specializing in free dental care for children around the world.

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