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William McGirr , Holistic Healer , Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur

I AM holistic healer with a keen sense of entrepreneurship at heart, founder of Two Peacocks, a regenerative evolutionary center based in Manitoba, Canada, with a key focuse on advanced “reiki”/”energy healing” training for the seriously curious practitioners. I speak from my truths on topics i am seriously passionate towards. Recently migrated away form Naturopathic practitioner to focus on captivating a larger market audience. My wisdom and truths come from decades of trails and tribulations through out my life. In order to overcome them, i decided to embark on a journey of self love, honor, respect, mystery, self-discovery and re-connection with the Earth. I needed to know thy self to be my self, an authentic version at least.

My passions are, Entrepreneurship, yoga teaching, breathe teaching, meditation, personal training, naturopathy, regenerative detoxification, reiki, motivational speaking, coaching.

@williammcgirr twitter

@william_mcgirr instagram

@twopeacockss insstagram

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